Susan Elizabeth (o_suzanna) wrote in hobbiton,
Susan Elizabeth

Lord of the Rings collectibles for sale!

Hi there! Throughout years of fandom since the first Lord of the Rings movie came out, my family and I collected many items pertaining to the series. We bought Sideshow Collectibles limited release items, subscribed to the Lord of the Rings fan club magazine, got anything from the bookstores that pertained to Lord of the Rings, and more.... I still love the series as much as I ever did but I don't have room or need for these things anymore! So if you're interested, check some of them out on our eBay page (there's a lot of other random stuff like Star Trek items and art-related things there, sorry for the chaos!) and watch out for a couple more books and magazines to be listed, as well as trading cards AND the ever cool Ringwraith & Steed statue originally sold by Sideshow Collectibles.......

Thanks a lot! :)

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