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Geocities Closure = Lost LOTR-fics! = New Comm!

Ok. Yesterday I got sad. Then I got upset. Then I created a community.

Geocities are closing the curtains on the 26th of October. It means a lot of fics getting lost into dead cyberspace..

Please unite as a Fellowship! We only have 2 weeks left!

My desperate last-minute-attempt to store the fics may be found here:

Track down! Post! Use this comm for a greater good!

Please join the Quest!

Time is tictac-ing..

*sets out on Porny Pony dressed as Jeanne d´Arc


lord of the rings roleplay

I am posting this for my friend who just started a Lord of the Rings role playing game based in an instant messaging chat room form. The link to the chat is here

This is her description:
A chat based Lord of the Rings role-play where you are allowed to become, to an extent, whoever you want to become in Middle Earth. There are canon characters to be played, along with the storyline, as well as the ability to make up non-can characters, which you can roleplay as you wish. To read more, go here: This is a way to have fun and show your creative side, as well as live in the world of Lord of the Rings, since we all know how fun it is. For more information, contact oasis_beatles

I know she would greatly welcome new visitors! So please check it out!

22d September

My dear, beloved friends!

Happy birthday all! May you all have merry today,!

It's always hard to say something jolly this day, even harder - to say something sad. 
It's a bear to talk of Master - and yet happiness. to uncomparable with him
we are.

It's one of the greatest gifts for us, that we know of Frodo. I think, you will agree, that it once changed thw whole world for each of us. that whose, who have a sense of Master in their hearts, are - different.

Frodo is the essense of Arda, its very foundation and the top of the mountain, its heart and its soul. He makes you feel and believe that World is worth it. that we must live.
If he'd left us any commandments there would be only one, I believe: 


*as one man closely connected to the Fellowship once said so rightly:))))

To the Keeper of our hearts, Master of our dreams.


   Hey, could somebody tell me more about Rohan? About its geography, rulership/political rulership, and culture? Some rare info would  be appriciated. And a quote from Rohan or describing Rohan would do too. Please and thank you.
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Tenth Member of the Fellowship? (Just Want to Share ^-^v)

Hi! I just want to share something about a school project, ofcourse its about LOTR.

 We have to pretend to be the tenth member of the Fellowship. We could pretend were from a different race and choose the gender. And, we have to create a journal for that character, from the time the fellowship set out from Rivendell to the hill of Amon Hen. I was shocked with this project because I have been imagining that the fellowship had another member that represented the Women of Middle-Earth.( And maybe, Legolas' love interest? :''>) I have decided to read the first book again. The journal should include expiriences and opinions about the others. It also has to look like its from that time and place.

So... if you could give me some suggestions at designing the journal, the character, etc.. please tell me. I would also appriciate if someone helps me refresh on what happened this time, especially very crucial details of the journey.
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I'm just wondering... What makes Tolkien's elves different from the usual elves? How come they also live for a very looooooong time? Just curious of different opinions. I'm like Samwise... So interested in them. I want to read thhe silmarilon!!
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Hey everyone

I'm new to this community, and relatively new to the Lord of the Rings fandom.   Well, about six months of interest in the books and movies has taken me a long way. 

I'm a huge fan of Frodo/Sam, I know that's a fairly common pairing so if anyone would like to talk about or discuss it with me or anything like that sometime, I'd be really excited about that.

Like a lot of you, I just can't get enough of Lord of the Rings.  There's never enough fan fictions, never enough fan made videos, never enough parodies... ever!  If you want to share anything interesting you've found that's Lord of the Rings related with me, I would be forever grateful!


So I am new to this community/journal. I love Lord of the Rings/Middle Earth. So, yeah I joined. This seemed like one of the most active Lotr journals I could find. I love Merry and Pippin and I do like legolas in both the books and the movies.
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Silly-Good in bed-Sleep for days, Sleepy-Good in bed-Sleep for days

And another one.

I made another Fellowship! video, using "One Ring," and footage from all three films.

I got the specific idea for this one at 11:30pm, and finished it (recording video that wasn't caught for Happy Birthday, Bilbo) around 9am. Yeah, I pulled an all-nighter. It's just after 12:00pm as I type this up, and I still haven't slept.

Can't sleep. Ring'll eat me.

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