Leah (eridanie) wrote in hobbiton,

lord of the rings roleplay

I am posting this for my friend who just started a Lord of the Rings role playing game based in an instant messaging chat room form. The link to the chat is here

This is her description:
A chat based Lord of the Rings role-play where you are allowed to become, to an extent, whoever you want to become in Middle Earth. There are canon characters to be played, along with the storyline, as well as the ability to make up non-can characters, which you can roleplay as you wish. To read more, go here: http://pjj.cc/me. This is a way to have fun and show your creative side, as well as live in the world of Lord of the Rings, since we all know how fun it is. For more information, contact oasis_beatles

I know she would greatly welcome new visitors! So please check it out!
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