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Tenth Member of the Fellowship? (Just Want to Share ^-^v)

Hi! I just want to share something about a school project, ofcourse its about LOTR.

 We have to pretend to be the tenth member of the Fellowship. We could pretend were from a different race and choose the gender. And, we have to create a journal for that character, from the time the fellowship set out from Rivendell to the hill of Amon Hen. I was shocked with this project because I have been imagining that the fellowship had another member that represented the Women of Middle-Earth.( And maybe, Legolas' love interest? :''>) I have decided to read the first book again. The journal should include expiriences and opinions about the others. It also has to look like its from that time and place.

So... if you could give me some suggestions at designing the journal, the character, etc.. please tell me. I would also appriciate if someone helps me refresh on what happened this time, especially very crucial details of the journey.
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