Tsukino Yumiko (blossomsniper) wrote in hobbiton,
Tsukino Yumiko

Lord Of The Rings Help!!!!

I need some help with the Lord of The Rings. We've been required to read it in English Class. And now we have homeworks about it! I'm just in chapter 5 so I need lots of info please!

Here's the questions:

What role does the ring play in the story:
 a) as a Psychic Amplifier
 b)Sentinent creature
 c)Psycho-Physical addiction
 d) other lables you may attatch to it

There. I have some answere but I'm not really sure. So please help!!!!!!!

Oh, If you have some any information about J.R.R Tolkien and the book, please tell me right away. Deadline's on wednesday, but I need it by tonight! Pleaase Help me!! I really want some interesting and rare info. Please!!!!
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